Sunday, April 15, 2012

Please Don't Bite the Dentist

This is a photo of Little Cub (16 months old) at his first dentist appointment. I really love our pediatric dentist office. If there's something they can do to make a kid happy, they do it. They even take a photo of a child's first dental visit and send it to the parents (see above). Unfortunately, it is the rare 1-year old who will calmly tolerate the invasion of his personal space by large, masked strangers... even if he is holding a blinking toothbrush. As much as I love our dentist, I do occasionally wish that he wasn't quite so large and bearded and male.

Cub was very well-behaved for the visit. I couldn't have reasonably asked for more. He did get upset when the doctor descended upon his little face and understandably so. The little guy started to cry and stopped immediately once his tormentor backed away.

In between the starting and stopping of the tears, my delightful little boy bit the dentist. The giant of a man with the big, bearded face let out a great big AAAAAEEEEOOOOOOOOWWW! THAT HURT! and jumped a foot. I started to laugh but stifled it when I saw that neither the dentist nor the child thought the matter funny. He turned to his dental assistant with a slightly hurt look and said, "He bit me!" as if that never happens to pediatric dentists. It must happen sometimes. Really. Or perhaps it mostly happens to dental hygienists.

Either way, I can hardly blame the child. There are times when I wish that I could bite my dentist, too.


  1. Poor baby. I made the comment to my dentist that it was almost time to bring in my little boy, who just turned 17 months yesterday. They told me that I could bring him in to see the place (ride in the chair and poke around), but that they didn't need to see him until he was 3 years old. Maybe it's because they don't want to be in the same situation as your dentist. And I quite agree, I'd love to bite my dentist too at times.

  2. Aw, I feel for him! I hate the dentist and would gladly bite them to get them out of my mouth!

  3. That's great they do what they can to make kids happy, but like you said, it's still a large bearded stranger poking and prodding in his little face. You can't really blame poor little Cub for biting out of self defense. That is weird that the dentist was so shocked, though.


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