Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Days. 5 Pounds. And other astonishing things...

It's day 7 of my elimination diet and I admit to being rather astonished and excited about the changes that have already happened. I'll detail the most significant briefly here and then hold the next update until the end of my 30 days.

~ Weight loss. In spite of the fact that I have increased calories and fat, I dropped one pound a day for the first five days. It was all retained water which just fell off of me. I didn't even know it was there. In five days, my wedding ring started to slide around and my shoes became looser. It was not my goal to lose weight on this diet which makes it all the more astonishing.

~ Joint health. One of the reasons that I started this elimination diet was to hopefully identify a trigger for the major and chronic joint pain, swelling, and injury that has been long plaguing me. I am stunned by the very positive and unexpected changes. For the first time in years, I am able to kneel back on my heels. I had reconstructive surgery on my knee as a teenager... this is not an action that I have ever expected to be able to do again. As I was changing cubs diaper, I noticed a comfortable looseness. And I just sat back. wow. I have had no noticeable joint pain or swelling since the beginning of this trial.

~ The carb flu on day #3 was horrible but passed quickly. My energy is slowly picking up and I feel good.

~ I enjoy eating. I cannot fully express what significance this has for me. For years, eating has been a trial, physically and emotionally.  Pain, discomfort, illness, guilt. The kids liked to joke about all the cereal I ate... but it was the only thing that didn't cause pain. Now, I am eating ravenously and mostly comfortably. My symptoms have not disappeared entirely but I am hoping and praying that this month will bring much healing.

In the last seven days, no wheat, gluten-based products, processed food (including vegetable oils other than olive), processed sugar, potato, or chemical additive has knowingly passed my lips. I have been eating all kinds of meats, veggies, fruits, high fat dairy, and nuts.

After the carb flu passed, my cookie cravings largely disappeared. And even though I plan on reintroducing the eliminated foods at the end of the trial to judge the effect, I can't see why I would go back for good. After only 7 days, I would say that the jury has enough evidence for a pretty strong case in favor of a permanent lifestyle change... But we'll see. I'm no health nut. If it is God's will, I just want reasonably good health to be able to better fulfill the duties of my vocation.


  1. Praise God!! that is so encouraging to hear. Ever since I began to learn more about the gut-brain-health connection, it's been my dream that more ppl. would listen to their bodies and realize it's the food we eat that's causing so much sickness in our country. Thank God you found out before it was too serious.

  2. It is a beautiful thing isn't it!! Amazing what can happen when we eliminate processed foods from our diet and the body begins to detox. The level of healing you can achieve now will be mind blowing, life changing!!
    Having witnessed the healing power of the beautiful bodies God gave us, if we nourish them properly, just fills me with joy!
    I am so happy for you!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  3. All my allergy symptoms went away when I cut out grains. I was shocked. I hadn't realized they were causing all my congestion and sneezing. I can't wait to see how I feel after my baby is born (5 more weeks). Already I have way more energy and flexability this time around and zero water retention. I'm hoping my BP stays in the normal range this time too. You should check out "Wheat Belly" by Dr William Davis. He was the first to clue me in on the genetic changes made to wheat since the 1970s. It's really quite scary the effects wheat has on your body. Wheat didn't used to be so bad but science has changed it to something many of us do not handle well. He also has some videos on youtube worth watching and several interviews on itunes in the podcast section.

  4. Deo gratias!

    I too pray for healing to better live out my vocation--His will be done.

    Keep your eyes on Him!

  5. I began eating the Wheat Belly way in October and lost several pounds right away, but no more after the first two weeks. But I feel so much better without wheat and grains. Less stuffy, fewer headaches, less achey. So i just wanted to give you a heads up in case you don't lose more weight to give the other benefits credit. My next step includes hormone testing (blood and saliva) to see what my over 40 body is doing and possibly supplementing with bioidentical hormones. I doubt I will blog about this unless I experience drastic results. I encourage you to keep up what you are doing!

  6. Sarah- I've been following your journey through your blog and appreciate your support! I do feel like this is a great blessing and that a number of my Catholic blogging sisters have made this choice easier for me. Thank you!

  7. Elizabeth- Yes! It is beautiful! Very exciting to see the changes, big and small, even after such a short period of time. :)

    Jana- I have been very motivated by this comment of yours. I have been on meds, gone through 2 years of shots for my allergies and... nothing. Nothing has worked. To see you write that your symptoms have disappeared gives me a lot of hope. Thanks also for the resource recommendations!

    Lena- I am always grateful for your prayers and support. This really all started during our phone conversation. It's all grace!

  8. Tracy- I keep seeing "Wheat Belly" around so I'll have to look into it. Thankfully, I don't need to lose any more weight (although being fit would be nice!) so I'm content (and surprised) with the 5 lb loss. Thanks so much for your encouragement!


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