Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Age-Activated ADD

Funny, funny... but oh, so familiar and lamentable. If this is Age-Activated ADD, then it was activated for me at a very young age. Some enterprising young mommy should remake this video to represent mothers with young children.

curtsy to Fr. V.


  1. thanks for your encouragement and much needed laugh.

    i'd love to see the professor update this video, with you as the patient. :)

  2. Oh, my gosh! I might have to steal this one!! This is me. I'm always saying that "since I've had kids, I've gotten ADD!" I can't sit. If I go to an appt without kids (rare) I feel really weird and have a hard time sitting there without yawning like crazy. I try to pray a rosary, but then need to check things in my purse, because, I rarely take a "purse" I usually have the diaper bag!

    So funny--thanks for sharing!


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