Monday, July 18, 2011

Raising Beautiful Daughters...

I shared some thoughts on this subject on CatholicMom this week. (I just love the picture Lisa chose to post with my article.)


  1. Beautiful! And you are raising beautiful daughters of the King:) Great job!

  2. Beautiful, has given me lots to think about as I raise my own daughter of the King.

  3. Great post. What about Artistic Gymnastics? It's like ballet but more about illusion with objects.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Oooh... that sounds lovely, Jana. :)

  5. Great article! I have 3 dancing girls and 1 dancing boy. We found a Christian non-competitive dance studio that focuses on dance as an art form. My kids are in ballet, tap and jazz - a good variety of movement and method. Now, to find something like this if we do sell our house.

    We decided a few years back, that no matter what activity we had the kids do, it needed to be for a higher purpose. If it doesn't bring us into closer relationship with God and give glory to Him in some way - it gets cut from the schedule.

    You're doing a great job with your girls. Personally, I've found it is tough to do when I carry baggage from my own childhood about body image and self worth. God willing, my kids (especially my girls) won't have those issues to deal with as young women.

    Keep up the good work Momma!

  6. Heather- Wow... you have the best of both worlds there! Have you ever seen Ballet Magnificat perform? If not, google them. So wonderful to be able to give glory to God through song and dance.

  7. They're going to be in Minot, ND in October!!! What are the odds of that?! I've got to get some details on this and possibly schedule a trip to visit the grandparents. Thanks for mentioning them. Have you seen them perform?

  8. Heather-No way! I have been waiting for years to see them and it has never worked out. My daughter and I have spent time watching their performances via video. It takes my breath away. I hope my dancing skills improve in heaven! lol I hope you get to go!


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