Friday, March 4, 2011

Gratitude Journals

The girls and I decided to have a little fun and make gratitude journals. We had no real plan... just took never used or partially used composition books, some scrap paper, holy cards, fabric, miscellaneous items and a bit of Mod Podge and went to town. I used to be a crafting perfectionist before kids. Now I am Speed Crafter! Baby in one arm, glue in another, chopping and slapping stuff on. (I'm hoping it's evidence of an increase in humility but I suspect my pride has just moved from one area of my life to another.)

Cookie's pretty patchwork cover is on top in the photo. One of her entries is "Thankful for NOT being carsick on the trip!" (See Tuesday's post to find out why I laughed.)

I didn't get Jellybean's book in the photo but she made one, too, and she has been dictating things for Cookie to record. ("I like having stairs.")

Sometimes, projects like this are fun for the moment and don't last but I've really been enjoying this one and look forward to it each day. I like to sit down for 5 little minutes and just record joy. And after reading Judy's post about her "husband journal" I decided to devote a section in the back just for recording gratitude for the Chief.


  1. beautiful! i may use this for my littles during lent.

  2. Such a great idea and I must say I completely relate to the perfectionist crafting. I have a whole collection of scrapbook materials that is now used for homeschooling b/c I it took me FOREVER to do a single page. Learning to let go and just enjoy!

  3. Love this idea. Quick and easy is definitely sweet sound to busy Mama's ears:-) And they look darling! There is nothing like being thankful for solid ground:-) Oh boy, can I empathize!

  4. Hi Melody, gratitude journals are a great way to remember the blessings in our lives.

  5. I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please stop by and return the favor. You had me at your "creative compass" in your "About Me" side bar. It is one of my favorite Scriptures and the filter I must use to live a joyful life.

  6. That is beautiful idea. I really like the husband one. We'll have to do this for sure. Its so easy to forget what we do have and see what we don't have. Thank you for sharing this, my friend!


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