Friday, February 25, 2011

Easter Dress sneak peek...

These are the dresses for the little girls... before they are cut and sewn. Blue for Button and Pink for Jellybean. I found this beautiful Somerset Cottage fabric on sale for $3.30 a yard which is half price (at least).

My plan this year was to find a very simple pattern that can be dressed up for Easter with sweaters and hair flowers and then used all Spring and Summer. I don't have a lot of time so I'm going to eliminate linings (we'll use slips if necessary) and trim and just let the little girls be simply beautiful.

I own a couple similar patterns that I really like. I have made Easter dresses with a lovely pattern from Sense and Sensibility. It's a favorite of mine and rather simple but as I said, I'm cutting out the extra minutes this year. I thought about a pull-over style but said 'yes' to buttons at the last minute. 
And decided on this dress from Olabelhe...

It's actually a nightgown pattern but if I don't tell anyone, I'm sure no one will guess. Minimal yardage. Lots of flexibility with colors, patterns and uses.
It's also designed by a homeschooling mother so I'm very happy to support her family.

I think it's awfully nice that Easter is so late this year. There's a better chance for nice weather and a little more time to sew.


  1. oh, I love the patterns on the fabrics!

  2. Oh! These dresses will be just lovely for your little girls! (I wish I could sew!!)

  3. That material is full of loveliness!!! Oh how I admire those like you with the gift to sew:-)

  4. lovely! i'll take two. :)
    wish we were closer, i could use some sewing lessons.

  5. I love the fabric choices and the pattern! Your girls will look adorable!!

  6. This is adorbs and I totally just downloaded the pattern. My girls can expect nightgowns galore in the near future.

  7. Before I go to the extra effort of adding buttonholes, can you tell me if the neck hole is large enough to pull over without buttons?

    1. Both dresses are packed away so I can't say for sure but... I would add the buttons. I don think it's the neck hole as much as the arm holes. The dress fits perfectly in the bodice so the opening is really needed to get head and arms in


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