Friday, October 8, 2010

The Baton is Passed...

Big changes always seem to come in bunches, don't you think? Today was the informal swearing in of my guy and the official last day of the previous chief (a truly wonderful man). There will be another "formal" swearing in before council in a week or so. I really, really can't have the baby that day. 

Congratulations, Chief! 
(You look awfully handsome in white.)

Remember this guy way back when? He was running around in this coat all evening yesterday (it fits him a lot better now). Guess who wants to be just like his Dad?


  1. congrats!

    Our Lady of God Remedy, pray for us.

  2. So excitiing! We just celebrated Mass at the Cathedral here in our Diocese for our fire fighters and EMS Personnel. Praying for your hubby!

    Hope you're feeling well. I'm putting a new post on my blog, and know that its a card of prayers from me to you! I'll put it up within the hour promise!

  3. Congratulations to your guy on his big promotion!!!


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