Friday, October 15, 2010

All Saints' Day Celebration Ideas

We don't celebrate Halloween (more on that here) but we do have a lot of fun with All Saints' Day. I'm not sure how successfully I'll be able to prepare for the celebration this year (the baby's due date is actually October 31st/November 1st) but I have seen some really fun ideas floating around the bloggy world. A quick internet search will yield many more ideas but these are new to me this year and so cool.

Party Game and Activity Ideas


Some of my favorite All Saints' photo memories:

St. Luke, St. Kateri, St. Therese, St. Louis of France, Holy Innocent

St. John Neumann, St. Florian

St. Patrick, St. Francis Xavier, St. Bernadette, St. Cecilia, St. Brigid, Blessed Mother, St. John Bosco

Pin the Halo on the Saint, Mother Theresa (costume DIY here)

Bobbing for Apples (to be done only among family members without contagious


  1. Great post! The kids look awesome! Thanks for including my blog link at "View From the Domestic Church."

    God bless!


  2. Hi I'm here for the first time I think. I came here from Lacy's link up. you've put together some beautiful costumes over the years. Had to laugh out loud at the Holy Innocent. (aren't they ALL) and the little blessed mother. Everything is delightful. thanks for sharing.

  3. Great ideas! I love that you have a celebration!

  4. What a great post. I also had to laugh at the Holy Innocent. I never thought of that and I have 2 Holy Innocent. Those costumes where beautiful... I hope you are feeling well..

  5. Hi Melody, I haven't been by in awhile and I saw you linked up with Lacy so I can to say hello! Your pictures are fun! I need to check a more recent post and see if you've had your baby!

  6. Yep, I'm one year off. Sorry! Just noticed this post was dated for 2010 not 2011!!


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