Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Carrier Giveaway...

I am a collector of baby slings and carriers. I won't tell you how many I have (I have not reached that degree of humility yet) but I will tell you that I have had more slings than I have children. *blush* The reason for this is my perpetual quest for the perfect way to hold my beautiful babies. Clearly, arms are the first choice, but a busy mama with a sore back needs a way to keep the littlest one close.

While I haven't found perfection, I am very happy with The Ultimate Baby Wrap. (The strongest evidence for this is that I haven't purchased a new carrier in 2 babies!) I have used mine for newborns and toddlers and have recommended it to many. My preemie lived in her little belly pod for a long time.

Now...I have the opportunity to give away a brand new Ultimate Baby Wrap on this blog, courtesy of the DoulaShop! I have done some recent shopping there and am very happy with my purchase (more on that another time) and their great service. You should see the carrier selection there! Many lovely ways to hold baby but I'm only going to shout about one today....

The Ultimate Baby Wrap

Why I like it:

  • Hands and shoulders free to care for other littles
  • Weight evenly distributed with comfortable jersey fabric (fabric can be narrowed or spread across shoulders)
  • Adjustable height and snuggness (I like the babies within 2" kissing range)
  • Cloth can be raised to protect baby's head from the elements or stranger touches
  • Very portable and washable
  • Very comfy as it is all soft wrapping baby and mama in a t-shirt
  • Supportive. I don't have to worry about baby slipping around or through.
  • Nursing accessible

Other considerations:

  • It is necessary to practice the wrapping technique a couple times but it does become a snap after a while
  • Being wrapped in black fabric can be warm on a hot day (hmmm...perhaps I do need another in a lighter color)
  • Nursing is easiest with a nursing specific shirt. I have done it without but have to do a bit of tugging to get my shirt out of the wrap.

How to Win:
There are 5 possible entries for this giveaway. The contest will run for a week and will end at 11:00pm on Wednesday, August 25th. All entries will then be thrown into the pot at and the winner announced on Thursday, August 26th. The good folks at the DoulaShop will be notified of the winner and the prize will be mailed out to that fortunate person! Five ways to enter:

  1.  Post a comment, any comment.
  2.  Take a peek around the DoulaShop and let us know about a cool product you found there.
  3.  Blog about this contest and let me know where to find it.
  4.  Become a follower of my blog and let me know. Current followers do count...just remind me in your comment.
  5.  Post about this giveaway to Twitter or Facebook and let me know.
**Please provide a way for me to get a hold of you should you win!!


  1. I only have one infant carrier (Maya Wrap) and would love to try a new one with my 3 mos old.

    I'm a follower!

  2. I too am a baby sling/wrap junkie... I've had more wraps/slings than babies but at present I only have 2 babies and would love to try new sling with number 3 because I haven't found one I love yet!!!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity, Melody. I would love to give a baby carrier a try for this upcoming baby of mine. I've used a Bjorn, but I've always borrowed it! I'd love to try more of a "wrap." I've seen other moms with them, and they do look comfortable (and kinda hip =)

  4. Hi! What a great sling. I posted it on my Facebook page. :)

  5. Here are my recommendations. I've used each (or a variation of each) with all my pregnancies. They are more practical than cool.
    Preg: Third Trimester Tea
    Labor: Birth Ball by FitBALL
    Post: Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs

    (entry #2)

  6. Actually, that's entry #3 because your first post counts;-)

    Nice recommendations. Love the birth ball but the others I haven't tried. I'm going to look at them more closely later.

  7. I also have more carriers than children!!

    Here's my blog post:

  8. I love my sling, but I'd like to give this one a try. I'm sure my fussy 2-week-old wouldn't mind either :-)

  9. I posted on my blog in honor of my Dragonfly turning 3months. You can check it out here.

  10. I love infant carriers!!!

  11. I have one sling that I've used for my last four children, including twins. It a Slingaroo from Kangaroon Kids. Love it. I just found your blog, subscribed, and posted your contest on my Facebook. Thanks. Temdem.

  12. By the way, I found you from your post on CathswapChat. Temdem.

  13. I think my favorite thing I've seen is the baby wrap you are giving away. I have several wraps (yes, more than I have children). :)
    I don't like Bjorn style at all; I do love the cross-over style though.
    Thanks for doing this! I'm excited!

  14. Thanks for the chance! I loved my Maya wrap for my first two, but found with my third (getting older? bigger baby?) it was hard on my back/shoulder. Love the idea of a carrier that more evenly distributes the child's weight.

    I think a hands-free baby-wearing wrap becomes more and more of a necessity the more kids you have! Great parenting tool!

    Also - The pregnant belly earrings @ the doula shop were too cute!

    Going to post it on facebook right now as well. Thanks again!

  15. I would love the chance to try this carrier with my first little one due in March. I love the idea of slings/carriers and like the looks and recommendation of this one.

  16. I am also a baby wrap fanatic...but don't have one of these yet, and since I already have a few others, I've been banned from buying anymore! But if I win one... that would be a different story!! Thanks for your blog, I'm also now a follower!

  17. Thanks for the contest. It would be fun to try. I did have to laugh at when the contest is ending. I'm scheduled to have my baby on the 25th of August. :)

  18. I have 2 carriers and 2 children. I was under the impression that there was no one, perfect carrier - so it would be great to try this one!

  19. I would love to try out this wrap for our next baby. I tweeted your giveaway and am following you.

  20. I am a new follower of your blog.

  21. I am intrigued by the morning sickness relief kit - I tried what I thought was everything to battle morning sickness naturally last time around without much luck.

  22. Looks super comfy--I'm sure my 4mo old would agree!

  23. Though I'm not pregnant (yet), I have a dear friend who just announced her pregnancy and this would be a perfect gift for her!

  24. Of course I adore the most expensive diaper bag at Doula Shop...

  25. And I follow you on my Google Reader!

  26. I would love to try the baby carrier. I suppose I already have more slings and wraps than babies, though that isn't too difficult when my first is still in utero. I'm at 30 weeks, and am both very excited and nervous. We're in the process of moving which probably doesn't help my nerves any.

  27. I actually kind of love the chime necklace that they sell. I don't usually go in for long necklaces, but it just sounds so sweet to hear reminders of baby's activity. Don't know if it would actually work out that way, or whether it's just a nice description/idea...

  28. Oooh!!! I have a Baby Bjorn *somewhere* in the house but it's buried under all the other (eight) kids' stuff. I would love to win this for my almost-4-month-old.

  29. What a great giveaway!

    I am pregnant with my first child (due in a week) and would love to try this! :)

  30. Thanks for the giveaway. I have a sling I received as a gift from a friend, but it is too big. Our friends had hoped my husband (who is pretty tall) would use it, too, so they bought a large or XL. I could really use a baby carrier that fits :) And thanks for the link about miscarriage - great info.

  31. I can't do the Maya wrap any more; so far am LOVING the ErgoBaby carrier, but I would love to have something to give my muscles a chang-up, as this baby (#3) is looking like he's gonna be a chubby little guy!

  32. I am due with #6 soon. I used slings for years and loved them. But they messed up my shoulders because you carry all the weight on one shoulder. With my last one I tried the sleepy wrap but I didn't like how long it takes to get it on and off, esp when you have a toddler who wants up & down, up & down. I just ordered a mei tai for this baby. It looks easier to put on but also distributes the weight.
    Wish I had seen Doula Shop sooner. They have a lot of cool stuff. I've never heard of a birth skirt. :)

  33. I love babywearing too! My husband is keeping me under strict orders of no-more wrap buying, but he didn't say anything about winning them!

    I'm also a follower!


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