Monday, April 12, 2010

Service at the Altar Sparks Vocations...

My parish allows only male altar servers who have completed their 6th grade year. These restrictions necessitate that a number of people are excluded; boys under the prescribed age and all females regardless of age. I'll bypass a full defense of all-male service at the altar and simply recognize a fact: Service at the altar under the direction of priests who love their vocation and the Liturgy does indeed promote vocations. In my experience, a majority of those adults who want girls to be altar servers also support a female priesthood. So they apparently know the truth about this connection, too.

My husband was determined to capture a photo of the lighting of the paschal fire at the Easter Vigil this year. He sort of got the fire. But he did get a great shot of the young men who eagerly volunteered to serve at this awesome liturgy.  A significant percentage of this group feel strongly called to a priestly vocation. My gratitude for the holy priests who have so gently and joyfully directed and educated these boys in faith, liturgy and sanctity is tremendous. I am also grateful for the strength of this particular (and male) community of altar boys who have found support and inspiration in each other that cannot be found in school or neighborhood communities. A number of them openly speak about their hopes for a religious vocation.

I know that girls can easily do the tasks these boys do in service at the altar. Ability is not in question. But it is important to honor through action the unique role that each of the sexes plays in the Church. The fact of a male priesthood does not dishonor women any more than my own motherhood dishonors my husbands role in the family. Ideally, a well-lived vocation will compliment and strengthen different vocations within the Body of Christ.


  1. My daughter told me Sunday when I picked the kids up from CCD that every now and again Father is there and once he called out to each child walking past, "Vocations, vocations, vocations!"

  2. LOL! That's a riot, Sarah. Seriously though, a priest who takes joy in his vocation just radiates that kind of fervor and enthusiasm. A priest who does not love his life would not bother trying to call anyone else to his own misery. We have been so blessed with not one but several priests in recent years who just ooze the joy of their faith and vocation. Sounds like you've got one who doesn't mind doing a bit of promotion, too:)

  3. I can't not leave a comment when the word verification is : blessed!!!

    So, vocations are blessed relationships!

    Have a blessed weekend!


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