Sunday, March 21, 2010

And this was unexpected?

Above photo is of Rep. Bart Stupak holding up an executive order to be signed by Obama reaffirming a ban on the use of federal funds to provide abortions...which is not worth the paper it's printed on.

Stupak caves and we are surprised? By what? His "yes" vote hinged on a concession that any lying, thieving, unethical politician will give in the moment if it ultimately yields the whole enchilada. And who is surprised? Are you? Really?

I can just imagine what the scene might have looked like...

Our Commander in Thief and his Henchwoman exchange a smirk before saying: "Just give him what he wants. We can always change it later. Tell NARAL to throw the obligatory stink and *wink*wink* we'll talk later."

Even while supporting Stupak's stand I was completely unconvinced of the integrity of his position. There was never a doubt in my mind that the dems would concede temporarily (or at least give the impression of compromise) on the abortion issue if they needed those votes to win control. That was all that Stupak asked for. And you can't tell me that he doesn't know how this game is played.

These people must think we're complete idiots. The president issued his compromise in the form of an executive order which is not binding by law.  He does not have the authority to amend this bill by issuing such an order. If it came down to a legal challenge, federal courts would uphold the law written into the bill and not Obama's cute political move.

Applause to the pro-life groups who saw through this ruse immediately. This includes the Susan B. Anthony List team who have revoked their intention of handing over a "Defender of Life" award to Stupak this coming Wednesday.

And the rest of us?

Maybe we are a nation of idiots. Lord, have mercy.


  1. I think that our hopes will always be dashed when we expect career politicians to be anything but politicians!

  2. I think, Rae, that you have spoken wise words!

    I do have to say thought that I do know good, honest people running for office. The problem is that to be elected takes money and connections within the machine...or else an incredibly literate electorate. For example, my congresswoman with whom I have serious disagreement and have never voted for, uses my tax dollars (legally) to run her glossy campaign. The guy I support is a man of great character...and no money. *sigh*


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