Monday, February 15, 2010

My Husband Gave the Perfect Gift...

Other than the fact that he works himself weary on behalf of our family and spends almost all of his free time with us and for us, my husband gave more proof that he loves me through a sweet surprise this St. Valentine's Day. Let me preface this by saying that we don't always celebrate this feast day with gifts. There have been years when not a note or candy has passed between us. I don't recall that we have ever celebrated Sweetest Day. I don't mind. My husband spoils me crazy. There is no physical need or comfort that I lack. He is a huge gift-giver. Not always at the expected times but always in a thoughtful and generous way.

This year he not only presented me with gorgeous pink roses but also with a set of The Liturgy of the Hours .  I know this man loves me because he not only wants me to know his love but he really wants me to know the love of God. I admit being intimidated by the gift but I'm incredibly eager to enter into this new adventure.

My husband already has these prayer books and my son received his Divine Office at Christmas as a gift from a local Knights of Columbus chapter. I hope they are also praying for him as he discerns his vocational call! The three of us prayed the Midday prayer together for the first time today. What a privilege! Never mind that I had to keep looking over his shoulder to find my place. Never mind that I was a bit distracted by my own ignorance. I can do this well eventually. Your 12-year old can do this, old lady...chin up!

Take a peek at the lovely Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia praying their Divine Office in community.

(By the way, he was able to find a like-new set at a discounted rate online. He's generous but he's also pretty thrifty and wise. :)


  1. I learned a bit from Divine Office for Dodo's. Brilliant book. :)
    I need to get back into this. The move here sort of waylaid many things . . . .
    . . . may your Lent be blessed!

  2. we quit doing gifts years ago too. all the holidays are so commercialized these days it sickens me. i like to decorate the house with hearts and the colors-reds and pinks-but even our homeschool valentine exchange was a bit much. but that's just my grinchy opinion!

    love the liturgy of the hours. i really want to learn more about it and even start praying it. that is on my list of "religion" goals this year!

    have a blessed lent, melody!


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