Monday, January 25, 2010

Printable liturgical calendar and other goodies

I did not get the liturgical calendar poster that I asked for for Christmas. I promise I'm not whining. I was highly pampered over the holidays and wouldn't change a thing.  I do still like the laminated poster-sized calendar but I recently found a wonderful printable liturgical calendar from the Family-Centered Press  website that I can't wait to use. Michele provides not only a full color, labeled version but also templates for coloring and labeling your own. Very exciting for a Catholic homeschooling family.

In addition to that excellent goodie, I also discovered Michele's sewing journal in which she shares her adventures in vestment making! She has pictures of a cope that she hemmed for her pastor and a chalice veil and burse  that she made herself. Beautiful. I promised myself that I wouldn't begin my own adventure for several years but my research begins now:).

Check out the rest of Michele's website for lovely articles and her wonderful liturgical appointment planners that she has for sale.

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