Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swine Flu and Chocolate...

Yes, we have the dreaded H1N1. It's long (fevers lasting 6-7 days!) but relatively mild as far as flu goes. I never would have guessed that this is THE bug. I'm not saying it's been fun; I just remember what it's like to get hit really hard with the flu...And this doesn't compare. Six of us have had it or do have it (my husband appears to be immune) and I thank God that we are emerging in good health. I am also grateful that we don't have to fear the thing any more. In a few more days we'll be completely in the clear.

On another positive note, I have had some extra time to peruse the holiday catalog of my favorite chocolate company. Malley's is a local business which is even better. When I discovered that these locally produced goodies are also our fundraising opportunity for the Professor's volleyball team this year   I knew I was in trouble. Doesn't purchasing one's own fundraising goodies rather defeat the purpose? Why couldn't we sell those little frozen hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough? Those are really unappealing. I would never buy them. But chocolate....

Chocolate covered potato chips. Has anyone tried these? Yummy.
Chocolate covered pretzels are way more fun to eat when they look like this:)

NutMallow ...My BIL's favorite.

Malley's Ark ...Jellybean's favorite:)

If you don't live nearby, you can still purchase their confections here .

Looking for a great field trip in the Cleveland area? Malley's offers tours of it's 60,000 square foot facility Monday through Friday; 9:30am-4:00pm. This Free self-guided tour takes you through a windowed hall that overlooks operations...And dumps you out into their lovely gift shoppe:).


  1. Mellie dear, so glad that you and the children are on the mend!
    As for the choco pics-How could you??!! And my all time weakness is potato chips...then they are dipped in chocolate?! I'm sure this is an illegal practice!
    LOL-Send me a price list for the Prof, and I'll make a long distance purchase for his team!

    xoxoxox, Mama Daffy :o)

  2. I'm sorry that you were tempted beyond your strength, Daffy! I did arrange the photos in the most pleasing manner I could think of so I confess that I'm partially to blame:).

    But if you *must* buy chocolate you can easily do it online by just following the links. It will be applied to Professor's account.

    Thank you, Princess!! :)

  3. Is it unladylike to drool over chocolate photos?

  4. Unladylike? I think as long as it's not a public act and you wipe up the keyboard sufficiently you should be okay:).

  5. Oh my, you have activated my sweet tooth and it's demanding chocolate. I'm with Daffy (I knew we were kindred spirits) my weakness is also potato chips and I love them with chocolate ice cream...but dipped in chocolate...it definitely should be illegal!

  6. Could you email me at Sarahs.Journey(at)yahoo.com . . . I want to set up something of an order via mail from your Etsy listing. I love love love that Our Lady bib and cloth diaper set . . . I want it for someone. If not that, then the cowgirl blanket. I just don't like to do ordering for Etsy online, if that makes sense. THANKS!

  7. So sorry that you have all been sick, but I have to say that that chocolate DOES look good. We may have to take a trip there this spring!


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