Friday, April 3, 2009

The Art of Life...

I was talking with a fellow homeschooling mom recently about her favorite blogs. She was marveling at the many amazing blog moms out there. You know the ones...They homeschool 8 children, have a productive garden, a clean house, a busy sewing machine and a business on the side. They get to church daily, cut their own hair and make 3 balanced, organic, from scratch meals everyday. She was feeling both inspired and a little discouraged at the same time...and I understand her plight.

I am not that blog mom. I struggle in many ways to fulfill my duties in life. I disappoint people. I lose my temper. I let the dishes sit. I have a sock basket. I don't always inspire the best in my family or friends. Sometime my kids cry. Sometimes I cry.

But blogging to me is a little like art. A painting is not like a diary. It is not a lengthy record of a my daily duties, to-do lists, oil changes and arguments with the spouse. It isn't even a record of successes and goals. It doesn't give a run-down of grades, sports scores or electric bills. It doesn't detail all the disappointments of life. Nor does it record every dream and wish.

Art is a snapshot of life...And my blog is something like my cyber portrait.

My creative actions do not tend to be dark, and consequently, I do not generally blog about the dark areas of my life. It is not a sanitized version of who I am. Rather, it is a painting that captures the hope and joy of my heart. A snapshot of my dreams and of those things in my life that are good and right.

I don't need to detail my failings to you...I assume that you know that I have them! I won't tend to photograph a picture of my dirty toilet...But I might share a snapshot of a sparkling clean one! It is not necessary to share the ugly picture in order for you to guess that I sometimes have a grimy commode. The photo of the clean one implies that it is not always so!

So, the person you meet in my home might disappoint you if you come expecting the mistress of this blog. But even if I fall short of that image, I know that I have a beautiful vision that I strive for. I come here to see it in color and to remind myself of the hope and joy that sometimes lies buried under the rubble.

Perhaps those super blog moms are similar. I know many are better women than I am on the whole but I also know that their blogs are art, too. I am so grateful that they can share the beauty and goodness in their lives and if their toilets are dirty...well...I guess it doesn't make a bit of difference to me.


  1. oh yes... great post here! My kids are older teens and though we homeschool, I don't record all their "business" because, well, it's their business. My daughter has a blog and if she wants to post about something she will. If there's an accomplishment of some sort, hey, I'm a proud mom and will post... but when it comes to irritations and blunders, they are 17 and almost 16... I wouldn't even feel right about blogging about all their daily stuff, just as I don't blog about all my dailys either.

  2. Artfully stated! Guess that's what attracts me to your blog!

  3. surely you mean the additive total of the Moms writing the blogs equal the perfect ideal that not a one of us hits!!!!

  4. LOL! Yes, Maureen...That must be what I mean:). That has to be why I always revert to blog reading when I feel that I've fallen short of my domestic ideals...I have to cheer myself up by basking in our communal perfection!


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